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Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Mar Fév 24, 2009 11:51 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
Here is good place for all who have some ideas to upgrade our favorite game - Landships! - and want to share these with another players.

For better readability, try to give a title to each your rule. Orcs will begin...

RUNNIG [without Infernal Machines expansion's counters]
Only unpined 'foot troops' are able to run. Heavily armed infantry, like MG platoons and units armed with mortars [even light], cannot run.

During your 'offensive fire phase' you can select any of your unpined 'foot unit' to run - you must indicate all your units you wish to run before any another unit shot! All runnig units can make immediately one normal move [1MP in case of most infantry units]. After that you can make your fire attacks as usual, but running units cannot shot this phase.

In opposed to Infernal Machines 'running rules', unit can run throught all types of terrain [of course, it still must be able to cross it, like during normal move].

After end of these 'offensive fire phase' it does not matter wheter or not the unit ran, so you don't need to mark it with special counters. Therefore it can freely make another move in the following 'second foot troop movement phase' and shot during 'defensive fire phase' of your enemy turn.

The only thing you must remember is that all runs are done before shots - so unit must leve its save position, without confidence, that their friends will suppress all nearby enemies! Moreover, running unit can block line of sight of their frends on their back...

The greatest defect of these rule is mix of move and shot procedures in one, originally only 'shooting' phase.

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Mer Fév 25, 2009 7:16 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
SAFA 'TO HIT' PROCEDURE [without roundig 'fire strength']

Add 'fire strength' of all units firing at target hex, as usual. Then roll two dice - D6 and D10 - simultaneously. All normal SAFA modifiers apply only to D6 result - additional, always modify D6 result by '-3'. Finally multiply so modified D6 result by 10 and add D10 result...

Example. If you rolled '4' on D6 and '2' on D10 your result is '12' - first modify D6 result by '-3' [to '1'], then multiply it by 10 [so you get '10'] and finally add D10 (10+2=12). If you fire at wood hex, you need also to apply normal '+1' modifier to D6 result, so finally you get '22'.

If total result fall BELOW 'zero' count it as 'zero', regardless of D10 result.

Example. You rolled '2' on D6 and '4' on D10. As allways you need to modify D6 roll by '-3' [to '-1'], so if no other modifiers take place the final result is '0'.

If all these operations give result equal to or less then FS total, all units in target hex are 'hit'!


Defect of original SAFA rules is that SAFA table share possible FS totals into groups - difference [in chance to hit] between 4FS and 5FS is dramatically, while 8FS score 'hit' equally often like 5FS. Now, if you allocate additional units to get more FS, you allways get better chance to score 'hit' [probability of 'hit' increases with each FS point].

With these optional rule you don't need to SAFA table to play. Moreover, playing this way, probability of scoring 'hit' is very similar to these in original rules. Try it if you are not afraid to slightly more complicated roll-operations!

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Jeu Fév 26, 2009 1:45 pm
de Arnauld
I don't use IM rules, nor optional rules (no partner to play with :( ).
Generally speaking, I don't use "home rules".

What are the effect of running ? 2PM instead of 1 ?
Counters can "run" several times, but... soldiers should be too exhausted to do it !

SAFA : interesting. More complex, but interesting. Hence, players don't try to "maximise" the FS of the stack.

It is too bad that the guy charged to developp Real Weapons (he contacted us in order to "work" with us, to give him some ideas of what could be improved) is "i don't know where".

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Sam Fév 28, 2009 10:06 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
-----clarification of 'running' rule
RUNNING is only additional move with standard MP value [1MP not 2!]; you can make it only during your OFFENSIVE fire phase, instead of shooting. It is quite intuitive that not-shoting unit can move faster then this one who attack the enemy. Because this rule not reflect the maximum possible sprint [distance is still shorter than with IM rule], whe can considered that unit is not exhausted after such 'running'.

Only a few units, like famous stosstruppen, can move even faster - but they need another one, 'sprint' rule! Lets try to establish it! :D

Arnauld, You also like to self-improve Your games, using "home rules" - Your post from 30 Aug 1994 [on this Landships! site] has a lot of ideas, which where introduced later, in Infernal Maschines in AD2000! [this two rules about tanks I use in my Landships! games]. This is terrible, that Real Weapons author had no ideas for his game - but maybe this is even better that this expansion never appeared... Now, at least, we do not have to invent "home rules" for second Landships! expansion! :mrgreen:

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Sam Fév 28, 2009 10:30 pm
de Arnauld
Well - clarification

(ok, for running guys, that's great !!!)

In 1994, this site wasn't born !

Homerules ? from Arnaud Bouis ? well, I am not Arnaud Bouis. This guy is another one.

Sorry :lol:

My goal was to make a Landships! 2 : Gather all the rules into one and correct/clarify them. But not enough players to support me !

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Sam Fév 28, 2009 11:52 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
Arghhh!!! Indeed, he has no 'L' in name like You, Arnau'L'd! But his optional rules still look usefull... :D

Now You can count Orcs as second player who also want to support 'Landships! II - second edition project'! But every time you take to correct someone's game, the question is born in mind - whether it be better to do a completely new, your own game?

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Dim Mar 01, 2009 2:03 am
de Arnauld
PaskudnyOrk a écrit:Arghhh!!! Indeed, he has no 'L' in name like You, Arnau'L'd!

yes, with a "L" like Landships ^^

Two players is not enough. But we can play via Cyberboard waiting for another guys !!

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Dim Mar 01, 2009 9:04 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
INFANTRY vs ARMOURED VEHICLES [give a last chance to your foot troops in face of fight agains the armoured monsters...]
Now armoured vehicles, both tanks and armoured cars, if immobilized [regardless permanent or temporary] then they can be attacked in close combat by enemy foot troop units.

Foot troop units can 'advance' on hex with immobilized enemy vehicle(s) during their own 'close assault phase' - even if that hex include also another working enemy vehicles[not immobilized] or infantry units. Then normal close combat procedure take place, but don't count immobilized vehicles as 'platoon' [you still get bonus of 'one column shift' modifier if you have at least one tank on hex - even immobilized].

Casualties are distributed as follows:
- not-armoured vehicle units [like foot troops and cavalry] must take losses first [those units are destroyed immediately];
- if all above units present on hex are destroed, subsequent casualties take armoured cars [reagardless immobilized or not - destroy them immediately];
- if no other units are present, immobilized [only!] tanks take the last losses, but they are not destroyed immediately... Instead, roll a die for each tank targeted as casualties - only result of '1' destroy those vehicle, another results give no effect!

Immobilized armoured vehicles are no longer indestructible fortress - now infantry units can try to destroy previously immobilized machines. Of course, this is still deadly and horrible risky proffesion! Try at your own risk...

You can frow this rule away during scenario where one side is totaly unprepared to face armoured machines.

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Dim Mar 01, 2009 9:20 pm
de Arnauld

And what about AC ??

According to the rules, Tanks can be destroyed but not AC. AC can have their tyre blown. Nothing else. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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MessagePosté: Lun Mar 02, 2009 11:06 pm
de PaskudnyOrk
'Damaged wheels' rule we can throw away, and use normal tanks break down damage system in case of critical SAFA hit [temporary/permament immobilize]. In opposite to tanks, crew of armoured tanks still need to go out of its vehicle to make a repair roll.

There are no 'fixed wheel' counters to mark previously damaged armored cars, so it is hard to play with original rule...

Re: Our new optional rules

MessagePosté: Mar Mar 03, 2009 6:54 pm
de Tichy
Hmmm, do I have a feeling that this discussion has been here before...

Hmmm2... it seems that something is lost.