The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within

Messagede Tichy » Dim Fév 28, 2010 7:36 pm

Played the scenario as evil communist oppressor.

And got what I asked for.

Game is short, it requires fast action from the government player. Freikorps are surrounded and have no escape route. At the beginning, everything looked promising, halted northbound assault entirely, blasting away government troops from the rooftops and bogged down southbound movement with brave artillery fire. Morale was high and casualties massed on the enemy gave firm impression that this will be a good day for the Freikorps.

It was all good until turn 5 when things - or, rather, a single A7V started to move about in extremely aggressive fashion and crossed the bridge to the town. This single bloody tank deflected my AT rifle bullets time, after time, after time (IM rules here).

Once government player realized that I had no real changes on destroying the tanks with AT rifles, A7V and MK IV just rolled on the streets guns blazing. Southbound troops just previously bogged down found their courage to advance and with support of the tanks, drowned the streets in blood.

Government air superiority did good on eradicating my rooftop MG's and three were lost due to strafing action. Planes paid for their deeds but it was too little and too late.

Victory for the tanks? Definitely. Good, fast, and bold action? Extremely.
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