Deciphering Infernal Machines

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Deciphering Infernal Machines

Messagede Tichy » Sam Avr 10, 2010 5:51 pm

Infernal Machines Artillery rules represent real inferno.

About artillery

Drumfire BAT is relatively understandable, assuming few things. Basically just add up participating non scattering off board modules to the attack. Resolve scattered attacks separately. Okay, that's all right.

Hurricane BAT, however, even simpler in reality is such a rule mess that I think I give up. Has this actually opened up to anyone?

1) Do you receive attack with value of 10 for each OBM participating? Eg. you have 4 off board modules, you receive four separate attack rolls if none of the scatters? If two scatter out, you receive two attack rolls?

2) Are scattered hurricane barrage attacks lost or resolved individually, regardless of single off board module participating (hardly a hurricane BAT)?

Interestingly enough - I have to test it out though - new barrage rules, namely from Infernal Machines, offer such a large impact zones that there is not much changes to pass through certain points on game map.

About trenches:

Prepared trenches are now such that one can not fire from the trench to other direction than against enemy lines. However, front lines are immune to SAFA from behind. This contradicts earlier rule that prevented own machine guns to fire over own troops.

Now, are we assuming that earlier rule should be thrown out and strongpoints indeed are on higher ground and hence able to fire over the heads of own defenders who are in the trenches (this makes huge difference)?

Can we fire from vehicle to the communication trench if located on adjacent hex?

Does this also mean that units are no longer able to climb up the back wall of the trench? If so, if I place wire on trench hex, do we assume that the trench is blocked by so called wire block?

Now, if above is true, attack is eventually channeled on the trenches (which is quite realistic) and attacking units in the defenders trenches are immune to enemy fire (which rendered defender MG's quite pointless). Any help here?

Scenario I seems to become far too interesting now...
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Re: Deciphering Infernal Machines

Messagede Arnauld » Mar Avr 13, 2010 11:23 pm

I want a Landships!2, with updated rules !!!!
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