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First game Tonight

MessagePosté: Ven Jan 07, 2011 6:20 pm
de pasiro
Finally after having received Landships the Tuesday before Christmas, I'm now set for my first game tonight. I think I've read the rules enough to at least make a start tonight, whether we actually finish or not is another question :)
Starting with Scenario 1 and working through the book, although the first scenario looks very very unbalanced :shock:

I'll let you know how things went :wink:

Re: First game Tonight

MessagePosté: Sam Jan 08, 2011 4:10 am
de pasiro
What a blast, loved it.
I took the German's and charged in as far as I could, but once the armoured cars came there was little I could do. I thought on until the very end, although a bout an hour before the finish I knew I couldn't win as I'd lost too many troops and wouldn't have been able to get eight off the board.

One quick question...
The cavalry enter the board either trotting or charging, but for the armoured cars it only says enter, does that mean then they only enter on that turn but don't move until the following turn?

The end game

And here's my own turn track design :D

Re: First game Tonight

MessagePosté: Lun Jan 17, 2011 3:46 pm
de Arnauld

sorry for the delay. I had no Internet for 2 months.

By "enter", Perry means "enter and move".

Some scenarios are unbalanced. Check in the website > there is a section where I put a coloured asterisk to indicate the balance of the game (Feel free to give us the results of your games).

I dislike rules concerning Cavalry and Armoured Cars. They deserve to be updated !!

I love your turn track !!