Scenario number 2

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Scenario number 2

Messagede pasiro » Dim Fév 06, 2011 2:33 pm

I'm beginning to think that we're playing it all wrong, this was our second game of Landships and the first scenario that uses barrage attacks, or should I say didn't use them...
Between us we had 9 ART and the game only lasted four rounds with us all managing to fire the guns each time. That worked out as 36 possible attacks using the ART but as only about 50% of the communications were successful there was still only a possible 18 attacks, only one of which was actually ordered and actually took place.

This seems a serious fault with the game unless I'm not understanding the rules, what are the odds of first rolling 3 or less for communications and straight after rolling a 1 to say that an attack can take place, this is very, very unlikely making the ART pretty much worthless as even when they do hit they only do the same damage as small arms.
I understand you can actually increase the odds of an order taking place by attacking that hex in subsequent turns, however that doesn't work either as that player just moves his pieces from the hex being attacked leaving the resist marker on an empty hex

It was due to the lack of "hits" with the ART that none of the deadly gas got put down in what is supposed to be an easy win for the Germans. I'm sure it would have been if they had ever got ordered to fire the gas.

I'll give Landships one more chance but form what I can see it will soon be going on ebay...
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Re: Scenario number 2

Messagede Arnauld » Dim Fév 06, 2011 11:54 pm

Hi Paul,

Clash of Arms forwarded the email you sent to them. I gave you an answer.

As I said, ART rules can be very annoying : you hope for a artillery barrage and he never come. A game as Red Poppies use similar system.

This is used to give more uncertainty (and it doesn't fail its aim) and I don't think it is unrealistic. In fact, if the players plays "historically", they won't move their counters from left to right then to right from left. ART is used to destroy strognpoints or place where there are enemy units you don't manage to eliminate.

You have to keep your ART for when you really need it.

Mathematically speaking, if you have 18 attacks possible, you have 3 "actually" ordered (unless bad roll). Use and abuse DRM ! and prevent the opponent to move.

In Infernal Machines rules, FOT disappears. Thus ART seems to be used more often. in IM Artillery rules are far more accurate (9 pages !).

Don't buy Landships! It have several flaws, but it is the lone game about Tactical Weapons Innovations ! It can give you some pleasure.

One year ago, I asked CoA if I could make a version 2 of the rules (to be published) but they didn't give me an answer. You can beg them to ask me to make this new version. Really ! I'll be happy to give you better rules.
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